Monday, November 03, 2008


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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some More sessions... & NEWS NEWS NEWS

I promise we will start blogging more in about a month or so we have just been so busy.
We are also getting out all videos that are pending and we are working on some projects.
1. Bethany & Marco

2. Natalie's 15's

3. Toddler in Matheson Hammocks

4. Alexandra turns 1

5. Anika & George's "2of Us" Session

(Twist on the Trash the Dress session, I personally do not like the term, its really a fashion shoot continuation of your big day, where you are relaxed and it just the 2 of you, thats how the "2ofUs" name came to be. You are so in love and lost in each other you even forget we are there.) Wait till you see all the photos from this session as well as the 2ofUs cinematic video.
Will be posting soon along with me news!!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

A very sad update...

Gustavo-Alexis passed away last night at about 8pm.

Please read more about Gustavo-Alexis,in this blog post, and visit his site.
I am just so saddened and heartbroken. I feel so bad for him and his parents. This is not something any nice and caring family like the Guerra's should have to go through. Please keep them in your thoughts.

What have we been up to?

Busy thats for sure. But hopefully in the next coming months my updates will be more frequent & bigger again!
Here are just a few shots from July:
1. L&R Wedding

2. Alyssa's 1 yr portraits

3. Sunrise Engagement Session on Brickell

4. Ellijah's 6th month portraits

5. Baby Louie's portraits

6. Lauren & JC's Engagement Session in Schnebly Winery

Sunday, July 06, 2008

We're back

We were out of town on an extended destination shoot in North Florida, we had little to no internet and phone access at times. We are extremely sorry for the delay in responding to emails and phone calls, we should have them all answered within the next couple days. Thank you for your patience. We have also been super busy and just unable to update our blog. We have the following things to post, heres a photo favorite from each session:
1. Mark & Melissa's Wedding
2. Quinceanera session beach side
3. Laura & Kellon's wedding
4. Melissa's Quincanera Party
5. Olivia's 9 month session
6. L & R Sunrise E-Session
7. Kathleen & Alvaro's Wedding
8. RJ's 9 month session
9. Alexia's 15's Lifestyle Portrait Session at Deering
10. Newborn Baby session: Liane
11. Monia & Danny's Wedding
12. Lauren's Quince Photos Sunset in Ocala

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lourdes & Omar

Rusty Pelican Daytime wedding...
Beautiful wedding. I love sun light & the ocean. I loved the outfits the guys and Omar had on. Lourdes and Omar danced like crazy.
Because the wedding was early in the day they opted for an out of this world brunch buffet. It was awesome!
I wanted to also talk about Lourdes and Omar's wedding guests and family members they were all sooo sweet. We had such a nice time there. After the wedding as the video crew was packing up their stuff (Javi & our assistant Juan) I jumped in the car with Lourdes and Omar and we were able to sneak in a few shots by the water.
Here are just a couple favorites however, there are sooo many photos so we will be updating the blog with only 3 favorites, the rest will be available by following these instructions:
1. Click on
2. Click on the photo on the right "Galleries & Information"
3. Click on "Love" when the website loads
4. Browse several weddings, This wedding will be listed as "Lourdes & Omar"

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I was soo happy to finally meet Sofia. See Sofia's baby photos were a gift from her Mommy's friends as a baby shower present. So needless to say I have waited to finally photograph this beautiful girl, from what I was told. But the truth was she was more than just beautiful, she was so funny, had so much personality and a pleasure to document. Her big eyes will captivate you. Here are some of my favorites. Her mom is an artist , she does beautiful children's murals:
and owner of her own line of children's accessories,

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Behind on posting

I am sooo behind on posting because we have been so busy.
Here are some shoots we have done this week, full posts to come:

1. Melissa's Quince Photos> Deering Estate
(Slideshow Below)

2. Lourdes & Omar's Beautiful Day time wedding at The Rusty Pelican
(Just one for now more coming soon)

3. Sofia's 6 month Portraits at the Park
(Just one for now more coming soon)

4. Monica's Maternity & Family photos
(Just one for now more coming soon)

Melissa & Marc's Glamorous Engagements!

Melissa is a wedding planner and owns her own Glamorous business:
I had the pleasure of shooting their engagement session last week.
First of all I have to say that Melissa & Marc hold a very dear place in my heart. (happy tears)
I actually photographed them getting engaged May 6th of last year when Marc popped the question. My goodness time has flown. It feels like if it was yesterday.
We had a great time at the engagement photo session.
We spent the afternoon on Brickell and then headed to the beach at Virginia Key beach.

Here is what Melissa wrote about her engagement session on her BLOG :

"It's a Glamorous Life!", That is what I told Melissa ( I wanted my engagement pictures to feel like! I wanted something chic, urban and Glamorous! She totally captured my vision. When we first got engaged I had mentioned I didn't want engagement pictures but now I am SUPER happy I changed my mind. I did do the traditional beach shots, just for good ol' time sake :0) What can I say about my pictures.. I SUPER DUPER LOVE THEM! Thanks Mel!
p.s. Did I tell you was voted 2008 THE KNOT Best of Weddings for Photography! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 Weeks from Saturday, I will be Mrs. Barbier... it still hasn't hit me yet :0)

Here are some of my favorite photos.

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